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When Arianna, a girl cursed with bad luck, touches the lives of the others she meets, an engaged teenage aristocrat and the tough leader of street thieves, what will fate bring them?

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Chapter 3-29
Chapter 3-29

The Beginning

Anime Boston has come to an end and sadly our art group "Sweet Cherry" had a few problems. Or more than a few. Maybe working on a comic about bad luck isn't very lucky. ^^

Anyway, Staples has the copy center from hell and although its very close to my school I can never show my face in there again. They printed our comics for our art table wrong close to six times.

My partner Teur's finished project, Promise Me, (the most expensive of the three and the main attraction) was late in coming and once again printed wrong. So in the end we only had the first chapter of our collaberation "Vampire Kiss" and the first chapter of "Fate" along with various (very pretty) prints of Teur's to sell.

Needless to say the table fell through and Teur and I have around 30 copies of each left.

However the rest of the convention was fun.

Curse you, Staples.

First posting

This is my first comic that lasted more than a few pages soI appreciate any feedback I get for 'Fate'.

I'll probably be updating twice a week until this chapter's finished and I'm working on Chapter 2. Please enjoy!

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